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A glance at Lampung Timur

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A glance at Lampung Timur

Lampung Timur is the youngest Kabupaten of the Province of Lampung and was established by Law No. 12 of 1999.

Lampung Timur with its capital city Sukadana offers a variaty of opportunities making it attractive for tourism, because of its natural landscapes, for nature tourism, culture tourism, the specific adat as well as the attraction of the elephants in the National Park Way Kambas which is already well known by international as well as domestic tourists.

Lampung Timur is as the name says situated in the eastern part of the Province of Lampung. Lampung Timur in the year 2000 had a population of about 700.000 people, spread over an area of 5.325,3 km2, existing of tribes originating from Lampung, Bali, Jawa, Sunda and others.

Besides that Lampung Timur is situated rather strategic so that the distance from Jakarta as the national capital and main gateway to Indonesia is relatively short. The capital Sukadana can be reached within about 1½ hours by air from Jakarta.

The region of Lampung Timur also is known as the producer of black pepper, coffee, cloves, cacao and its fruits like durian, duku, rambutan, bananas and others.
The main source of income of the society of Lampung Timur are the results in the field of crops, plantations, fishery, cattlegrowing and trading whilst the region along the east coast also develops into the direction of  conservation of nature and environment by means of placing coral reef, shells as well as replanting of mangrove vegetation.

Taman Purbakala

Taman Purbakala at Pugung Raharjo extends over 30 HA which hold historical remainders of several different era.

These remainders concern classic artefacts like statues, inscriptions, local ceramics as well as foreign (Han-, Yuan-, Sung- and Ming Dynasty); a statue of typical polynesian origin is stored in a site museum which was erected in the vicinity of the site.

A primitive ditch-fortification as long as 1,2 Km surrounds the Purbakala complex the water of which is assumed to be supplied by the well at the eastern side of the site and of which it is said that bathing in it assures a long lasting youth.
This touristical object is located in the District of East Lampung at a distance of about 40 Km from the city of Bandar Lampung and only 2 Km from AG.
Way Kanan

Way Kanan is located in the area of the National Park Way Kambas at a 13 km from the main entrance (Plang Ijo).

The lucky visitor could meet wildlife, rambling in the surroundings or along the road. Because of its flora and fauna Way Kanan is a heaven for lovers of natural scenery.

The area also is the Sanctuary of the Sumatran Rhino as it is the development project for the Sumatran Badak (rhinoceros) population in its original habitat and for the research of the Sumatran Tiger.
There are opportunities for trekking through the rainforest or for guided motorboat trips either upstream- or downstream the river in order to examine flora and fauna.

National Park Way Kambas

Way Kambas is a large park, covering approximately 1.300Km2 of land in the eastern part of Lampung. It takes a two hours drive from Bandar Lampung (1 hour from AG) passing irrigation project sites, a couple of small townships and through a number of villages including a Balinese transmigration settlement. An enjoyable days expedition.

Way Kambas is the only Indonesian/Sumateran elephant training centre which is partly funded by the World Wildlife Fund and is the place for Sumateran elephant sanctuary as well.

The idea of this elephant training centre was backgrounded by the fact that not only the advent of large scale transmigration but also the fast growing population and forest clearing have taken over much of their natural habitat by the people. Narrowing of the habitat causes them to come from the jungle to feed and thus ever destroying the farmers houses in the villages.

Visitors to the training centre can enjoy riding and safari crosses, marching around the centre, or watch the elephant mating (December/January or June/July).

Accommodation is available for visitors in the elephant training centre, T-shirts, Caps at the souvenir vendor as well as at foodstalls.

In the coming years Way Kambas will be developed to a Safari Park (Eco Resort) making it more attractive for visitors.

Danau Beringin Indah

Danau Beringin Indah (Dam Way Kawat) - in english: the beautiful lake with waringin trees - is located near the capital city of the residency Lampung Timur Sukadana at about 700 m from the public road. The lake shows a very natural sight and the water is still nice and clear. Sukadana is one of the oldest original cities of Lampung.

Agro Toerisme

The Province of Lampung has been known for long times as a region which is a source of rubber, pepper, coffee, cloves, cacao a.s.o.

The area in the same time might be an attractive target for agro-tourism.

The places that can be visited for this purpose are a.o.: PTPN VII (PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII) at Bergen - South Lampung, the cow grower PT Tippindo in the village Negara Batin – Municipality Jabung – East Lampung, grower and canner of pineapple at Terbanggi Besar – Central Lampung, peoples pepper plantations in the surroundings of the main road from Bandar Lampung to Way Kambas, in the villages of Mataram Baru and Pugung Raharjo.

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